These guys are great! Not only did they provide great PCB services, they also donated the majority of the PCBs for the project, directly supporting the Bridge Point Elementary children.

Without Silicon Hills (here in Austin) these boards would have never made it into the hands of the kids. Silicon Hills (and Rick) donated the assembly services to get the boards put together. On behalf of the Bridge Point kids, THANKS!

Many of you may have felt that tingle of recognition when you saw the drawings on the manuals of the RetroRover and Retris games. You have seen those drawings before! Although the Retris drawing was modified just a bit, these drawings were lovingly lifted from:
BASIC Computer Games
Edited by David H. Ahl

Clicking on the picture will bring you to the BASIC Computer Games pages at the Atari Archives at The Retris drawing is from the game "Bounce" (page 25) and the RetroRover drawing is from the game "Combat" (pages 50-51).

CadSoft Online

These credits wouldn't be complete without mentioning the best CAD software on the planet - the EAGLE Layout Editor. Running on both Linux and Windows, this program made it possible to design and build the PCB.

And last, but not least, BG Micro is the source for most of the parts for the games. And they gave me a special price break on many of the components. Gotta' like that!