Folding Instruction Manuals

Instruction manuals have two sides. The FRONT side has most of the instructions on it, and the BACK side has pictures or other extra information in it. (See the bottom of this page for an example.)
Both the FRONT and BACK sides come in different files and are meant to print out on 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper. Start by folding the instruction manual in half with the FRONT side on the outside.
Use the side pen or pencil (or something) to make the crease very sharp. You will be folding this paper into thirds in the next step. You will probably want to use somewhat thin paper because thick paper is hard to fold!
The now half-folded paper has the FRONT side on the outside. Rotate the paper so that the crease is at the top. All of the printing (on both sides of the crease) should be right-side-up with the crease at the TOP.
Now you will do a "tri-fold" to finish folding the manual. Find the side of the paper that has the game title - this is the side that has the title of the game and RetroGame logo on it. Put the title side DOWN.
Start folding the paper into thirds, doing your best to make the thirds even. Again use the side of a pencil or pen to make the creases very sharp.
When you do the "tri-fold" the title should be the outside folded third.               

Sample Manual

The lower right corner of this
page is the "title".